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FreeMove 400ml Anicarub Oil spray (Water Soluble Oil)


FreeMove H2OIL Arnica oil is stunningly light, super penetrable, and water-soluble oil with the perfect texture for massaging deeply into tired and overworked muscles. It dissolves in water and can easily be wiped off with a wet towel, for hassle free strapping and taping.

Arnica infused oil is known for its health promoting, inflammation reducing and pain-relieving power. It Blends well with other essential oils and allows for multiple therapeutic applications. You can apply directly on the desired location by massaging into skin until well absorbed.

The unique water-soluble oil formulation allows for easy cleaning of towels and equipment and prevents any oil stains.

Multiple therapeutic applications, as massage oil and muscle soak in bath
  • Blends well with essential oils and dissolves in water
  • Washes out of towels and sheets, thus minimising the risk of fire and increasing the life of the sheets and towels.
  • Water based oils washes off in the shower after the massage without using soap and prevents staining of clothes.

Cautioning: Freebody Recovery Arnica H2Oil behaves well on 100% cotton towels and sheets. Warm water wash is always advised.


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